Brenda Watson


Brenda Watson, C.N.C. has dedicated her life to helping people achieve vibrant, lasting wellness through the power of optimal nutrition and improved digestive function. A dynamic health advocate, NY Times best-selling author and celebrated PBS-TV educator, Brenda overcame her own battle with chronic illness early in life and has since helped millions of people take back control of their health, beginning with a healthier diet and lifestyle.

National Sponsorship Group sold sponsorships to her PBS television series National Health Breakthroughs and designed live health and nutrition events.

Through her books, online media and radio and television appearances, Brenda continues to share what she has learned with the world. Her engaging, no-nonsense approach to bodily functions and her vast knowledge of natural healing solutions has made her one of the most trusted experts in America today on a broad range of topics—from the power of probiotics and the importance of a balanced gut to healthy weight management, cardiovascular health, and the benefits of natural detoxification and herbal cleansing.