Animal Attractions

animalattractionsAnimal Attractions TV was borne out of the deep affection people have for their pets. In each episode, host Megan Blake, an animal lover herself, focused on helping to strengthen the loving relationships between pet and owner by providing the best available information on health, behavior, nutrition and lifestyle.

80 million Americans live with some kind of pet. Looking at it another way, 186 million pets live with some kind of American! This hand-in-paw relationship was at the heart of this #1 pet series on public television, which aired on over 275 PBS stations across the country and was downloaded upwards of 12,500 times each month via its video podcast.

animalattwebThe producers of Animal Attractions TV reached out to National Sponsorship Group to help find funding for this unique show. NSG secured Fortune 500 company Hill’s Science Diet and Bark Magazine.